Auditorium Guide

The General Idea

Auditorium is really all about the experience, both visually and aurally. Take a deep breath, relax, and start playing. If you really feel you need extra information on the way something works, you’ll find it here.

The Flow

The Flow is a masterful stream of many tiny audio-visual particles. They can be controlled and manipulated seperately; these little ones think for themselves. Guide them to an Audio Container that matches their color in order to light up your path and start some harmony.

The Controls

Controls are your way of manipulating the Flow. They can change both the speed and direction of any particle they encounter. There are two ways to operate the controls. First, you can click and drag the control icon to move it. Second, you can also drag the radius of a control to change it’s area of influence. Remember: Controls can be overlapped to create multiple reactions at any given point.


Directional ControlsThe Directional Controls help you get your bearings. This is the simplest form of control. Arrows indicate the direction each control will manipulate your Flow.


Auditorium: Attract ControlThe Attract Control might just be your best friend. Attraction is by far the most useful form of control in Auditorium. Particles caught by the Attract control will be pulled ever closer to the Control’s center.


Rabbit ControlSometimes high speed is a necessity. And sometimes, high speed is just really, really fun. Pass your Flow through the Rabbit Control and it will increase in speed, getting to those hard-to-reach Audio Containers. Note: Speeding up your Flow will decrease the effect of other controls until speed decreases.


Repel ControlThe Repel is the most counter-productive control available in the experience—or is it? Reverse the Flow of particles and send things back the way they came.


Auditorium: Deflect ControlThere are dangers in Auditorium that may bring sadness to your harmonious experience, so protecting your Flow is definitely of high importance. The Deflect Control acts just as it sounds—particles deflect off this control's surface at angles similar to how they approach. But what you may not know is that this control is also useful for keeping particles inside a controlled area.

Colored Controls

Auditorium: Colored ControlsIn later acts, some controls will also correspond to a color. If the Flow interacts with these controls it will take on that color. This can be both a hindrance and an asset—it's up to you to decide which.


The Primary Goal of Auditorium is to guide your Flow into the various Audio Containers presented before you. As you fill these Containers, light transforms into sound. Given enough light, the containers will begin to sing together in a symphony, providing the ultimate Harmony of Flow. But be advised—while some containers merely require the presence of Flow, some containers will require a specific color or colors. Containers that require more than one color can be identified by the number of vertical bars and each bars color.

Single Color Container

Auditorium: One ColorA Single Color Container is the simplest form of goal in Auditorium. The color of a container is indicated by the single glowing bar at the bottom of the item. Just match your flow with that color and you’ll be filling these up in no time.

Double Color Container

Two ColorWhen you start with Double Color containers you may be a little scared. Don’t worry, all you need to do is make sure these containers are being filled by both colors at once.

Triple Color Container

Three ColorAh... Triple Color Containers. These are by far the most challenging adversary in Auditorium. Match all three colors at once to overcome these tough opponents. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.


Obstacles cannot be moved or altered and can sometimes impede your path. These obstacles can do anything to your Flow, from merely changing its color to eliminating it outright. Be advised; obstacles are not always a bad thing. Who knows, you may just find some obstacles to be the greatest assets in your quest for harmony.


Auditorium: Divide ObstaclePassing through The Divide will cause your Flow to split off in two directions. Which road will lead you to victory?


Auditorium: Portal ObstacleThey say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In Auditorium, that is not always the case. Use the Portal Obstacle to transport your flow to new destinations. Keep in mind, Portals do work both ways...


Auditorium: Black Hole

Nothing is more dangerous to your Flow than the vacuous, hungry void of the Black Hole. Any particles of your Flow that approach it will be sucked in and devoured. Avoid them.

Color Sphere

Auditorium: Color SphereThere is more to your Flow than the origin and the destination. The Color of your Flow can and will have to be changed in order to achieve harmony. Passing through a Color Sphere will allow you to change the color of your Flow. At least, until it hits another Color Sphere.