Auditorium Duet

Particles. Colors. Music.

Auditorium Duet, currently in production, is the long-awaited sequel to our debut title Auditorium. Bend light and sound to create gorgeous melodies—and this time, bring your friends along for the ride. Rebuilt from the ground up, we're creating an unparalleled synaesthetic experience.

Duet will build faithfully on all the essential elements of the beloved original; players will still be creating music by bending dazzling rivers of light and color through brain-twisting puzzles. But it’s also going to be so much more. The last time around we invited you into our Auditorium. Now we want you all to come back and play together! To solve puzzles, you will need to coordinate with a partner to guide luminous motes to their proper destinations.

There will still be a single player game, but the real magic will take place in cooperative mode.

It’s going to be a thoughtful and intense experience where you must lean on each other’s intuition and planning to create a vividly pulsing colorscape. You’ll work together to overcome all the challenges we throw at you.

The Process

To make sure that the Duet pipeline is smooth as greased butter, we're working on smaller projects, with all hands on deck. This allows us to work out kinks in the development process before we're too far along the line with Duet to fix anything. These little projects might turn into future Cipher Prime titles, but for now, they exist as just exercises for us to get better. Duet is also going to be our first multiplayer game. Making a multiplayer game is a lot more complicated than a single player game. With these little test projects, we're also diving deep into networking code, and making sure that there aren't any unknowns when we develop Duet.


Thanks to the support of our backers and fans, the Kickstarter project for Duet was a big success! For a while there, it looked as though we might not make it. But in those last few days, we saw the surge of support we needed.

During those 30 days, we dropped everything to get the word out about Auditorium Duet and our Kickstarter project. But we still couldn't have made it without the help and support of our backers and fans. Thank you, each and every one of you for helping get the word out about Duet.