What platforms is Pulse available on?

Pulse is currently available on the iPad. You can find it on the iTunes store.

I don’t have an iPad! Is Pulse on the iPhone?

Unfortunately, the iPhone’s screen real estate is not large enough to accomodate the awesomeness that is Pulse. So we have largely ruled out a port to the iPhone, because we would have to entirely rework the game. However, if you are really interested, please contact us and let us know!

Okay, I’m not big into iOS, what about Android Tablets?

Yes! So this recently happened: Pulse on Google Play!

Is a demo available for the game?

There is no demo version of Pulse, however with each update a limited number of promo codes are available for the App Store. Contact us to see if we have any left, they go fast!

What about a trailer?

We do not have a trailer for Pulse available. However, on Youtube there are a number of gameplay videos available.

Here’s one with a sampling of music and video:

Can I play my own songs in Pulse?

No, unfortunately. We agree that this would be very cool, but currently each level is handcrafted to fit the music, in order to optimize the gameplay experience. We are not, as of yet, considering writing the necessary code to extract levels from any song. As always, though, if you are interested in this sort of functionality let us know! We will take the amount of feedback we get about it into consideration.

Can I make music for Pulse?

With Pulse’s frequent update schedule, we’re definitely looking to collaborate with musicians on new tracks. If you’d like more details about the opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I get a copy of the Soundtrack?

The Pulse: OST has thirteen original Cipher Prime tracks available as a digital album. The tracks include the music from these levels: Tutorial, Straylight, Low Tide, Sakura, Porcelain Doll, Let’s Roll, Cinder, Cirrus, Orbital Drop, Catnip, High Roller, and Sahara, as well as the original song Pacemaker.

We also have four free tracks that you can download in the Philly is Golden album, which contains original music by local Philadelphia artists such as Cooper and the Fantastic Machine, George & Jonathan, Ghost Fight, and Zilla Persona.

The volume is turned up. Why can’t I hear any sound or music?

This is actually an issue with the Side Switch setting option for Mute. If the switch is currently set to Lock Rotation, the device may still be set to Mute. Open the Settings app, select the General tab, and scroll down to view settings for the Side Switch. Select the Mute option; the option text should be highlighted in blue and there should be a check mark next to it. Then slide the Side Switch to the unlocked position; the red dot on the switch should be hidden from view. This will disable the Mute feature and allow sound and music to play in game.

Before setting the Side Switch option to Lock Rotation, first make sure the Side Switch is set to the unlocked position. Otherwise the mute feature will remain enabled.